Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Autumn Jumpstart

I came across these darling looks browsing through one of my favorite sites, and couldn't help making a mental wishlist. There's still one week left in August, but today was a bit breezy and there was a crisp feeling in the air. I hope it lasts so I can begin wearing some transitional pieces. I wouldn't mind incorporating some of the below looks.

I absolutely love a lady-like ensemble! The ruffles and cinched-in waist are a must. I work in a creative environment with a lot of young people, so right now I live in jeans. If I wore an outfit like this, I would feel double my age. But I do love to throw in a skirt or dress every now and again

The flower details... the belt... the purple suede booties... must I go on???

The tunic and long necklace automatically say "I'm not trying too hard " ;-)

Can someone please gift me with this dress???

All looks (and soooo much more) can be found at Anthropologie