Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Finds: Gwyneth & Spruce

Hello there! I cannot tell you how happy I am that today is Friday and I have two days away from work to look forward to. I met up with my boyfriend after work for drinks, and now I'm relaxing at home... catching up on blogs and doing some online window shopping :-)

Design Sponge featured a before and after from Spruce - and I liked it so much that I automatically clicked on the link to their Etsy site. I will spare you yet another reminder of how much I love Etsy and share this pic of a pillow they have for sale:

I seriously want to decorate an entire room based on this pillow. I love the blossom tree design, and I really like the use of black, charcoal, fuschia and cream. Here are a few more pieces from Spruce's collection:

Photos: Spruce
The contrasting patterns and chalkboard wall in that last photo is pure fun! Gotta love it.

And for more fun - this pic of Gwyneth Paltrow made it to Vogue's Ten Best Dressed of the Week:

Photo: Vogue
It's the modern day "Oh, I'm just running errands and grabbing a quick bite to eat" outfit. F-U-N!!!