Friday, July 5, 2013

Successful People Meditate

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Want to know what successful folks like Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, and Russell Simmons have in common (besides lots of money)? Meditation. I just came across this article where meditation, along with other calming and centering techniques such as digital detoxing, was identified as a necessity for keeping it all together. If you don't already know the many amazing benefits of meditating, please read the article (it has many great links) and begin digging into how you can incorporate it into your life. If you like decreased stress levels, clearer thinking, and positive health benefits, then you will enjoy what meditation has to offer. Your personal and professional lives will thank you.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Work Flow

Cool art at the new gig. 

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA this past week, but I started my new job last Tuesday. I wanted to give myself some time to transition back into work life. I had been out of the work scene (voluntarily) for about a month, so I needed to get used to getting up early and following a routine again. And I have to say, things are off to a wonderful start.

Yes, it was good to sleep in and be carefree for awhile. And I was able to fulfill some creative needs I had been putting off. But I also stopped eating as healthy as I could have been, and I certainly wasn't as active. It's been a week, and I'm back to packing my lunch and healthy snacks and walking at least 10 city blocks a day. I've also started exercising in the mornings. If you know me, nothing gets me going in the morning like 15 extra minutes of sleep! However, I'm really trying to embody a positive and health-conscious attitude to carry into my later years. So far, so good.

Since I feel more adjusted in my new work flow, I will resume my creative endeavors. New cards to come this week to my Etsy shop. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 15, 2013

To The Weekend

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I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend. Not that is has been a particularly busy week for me (on the contrary, creatively it has been very satisfying), but I will be home to spend a few days with my family. I always enjoy that time - plenty of laughs and good memories.

I hope all of you enjoy your weekend. Be safe, smile a lot, and give the best of yourselves.

And if you have a few minutes to spare, check out a few new cards I posted to my Etsy shop!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spike Greens in Philly

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Happy hump day, readers! I know a lot of you have an extra pep in your step in this mid-week because of all the lovin' you're going to receive tomorrow - self-love, besties love, significant other love, family love, whatever! Doesn't matter - just spread the love ;-)

For those of you who do have a significant other, and happen to live in the Philadelphia area, it's not too late to place an order with Spike Greens. Owned and run by the very talented Dan Fingerhut, he has a pop-up shop at Duross and Langel. Place your orders and pick them up there tomorrow - 13th and Sansom. Like Spike Green's Facebook page to stay on top of events.

 Etsy Shop: The Gilmore Gurl

And it's too late to receive a Valentine's card in time for tomorrow from my shop, but I'm going to leave them up there for a few more days. You can always save them for next year! They also make cool pics if you frame them. I'm just saying...

Monday, February 11, 2013

The 5 Love Languages

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Happy Monday! I know, I know... it's Monday. Back to the grind, right? WRONG! If you can't be happy on Monday, you can't be happy any day of the week. 

Anywho, since I am committed to using this virtual space to be colorful, vibrant, and positive, today that is expressed through sharing a New York Times bestseller: The 5 Love Languages. I learned about this gem from Oprah's Lifeclass (love, love, LOVE Oprah). I had it recorded, and decided to watch it today. Total game changer. It not only helps you identify your own love language, but it gives you the tools to learn about the love language of others so you can learn how to best communicate with them. 

I will certainly be purchasing this book. I automatically began to reflect on how I may have been trying to communicate with those in my past by expressing my love language without the understanding and awareness of what theirs may be. Take the quiz here (it's FREE) to learn yours.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Power + Tea

The way to remain connected to, conscious of and in alignment with our power is to remain connected to, conscious of and aligned with our source. - Iyanla Vanzant 

I came across this quote from Iyanla Vanzant today, and instantly got chills. I recently made a lot of changes in my life, all of which I feel are taking me in a positive direction. Long story short - I'm feeling really good, and (quite possibly) like the best me I've seen in a very long time. I'm starting some new ventures, and knowing myself, I need to stay focused so I can both learn how to enjoy the moment and remain committed to my goals. 

Today I will be taking some time to sip tea, watch some Oprah (love me some O), and enjoy some quiet time. I'm hoping this strengthens my connection to my Source, in turn leaving me in a marvelous state of inspiration and creativity.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Inspiration

Picture 2

It may be a Saturday night, but time is surely flying as I continue making cards. I payed a visit to Paper Source today, and let's just say I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeve. Stay tuned for new cards coming soon!

If you haven't already, stop by my Etsy shop:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love and Cards

Picture 3

Yes, my Etsy site is back up!!! It was so much fun putting this together again. I was up until close to 4 AM this morning doing so, and back up by 9 like it wasn't anything. Truly enjoyable, I can spend hours crafting.

If you're into the Valentine's Day stuff, I have a few LOVE-related cards in my shop. Honestly, they can be used anytime. If you choose to partake, place your order by 2/10 to ensure timely delivery. Take a look - I hope you come back to visit often:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And I'm Back

Etsy Badge

It's been almost two years to the day since I've blogged. And it took that long for me to realize that out of the many creative outlets I pursue, this by far is my favorite. It's colorful. And random. And about whatever I want it to be. That has to be my favorite part.

I recently took a mental day off. It was much needed. Not to be concerned, all is well. I just wanted to have a day where I wasn't constantly checking my phone or email. Or looking at Facebook or Instagram. Or zoning out to television. I didn't even want to absorb the energy of others (no matter how much I love them) through the telephone. I just wanted to be still. The silence was embracing. And wouldn't you know - out of the stillness came creativity.

For those that do not know, I make handmade greeting cards. I haven't done it in awhile, and I didn't realize how much I enjoyed it until there wasn't anything left for me to do but create. And create I did! All. night. long. I am beyond excited about my relaunched Etsy shop, and I can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!