Sunday, August 29, 2010

Creative Spaces

Wow, this is a real treat. I've been able to blog for the past three days straight. Nice! Just as well - tomorrow is Monday and back to work. You know what that means...

Anywho, I had a fabulous brunch with a girlfriend this afternoon. When I came home, I threw on some sweats, kicked my feet up, and resumed my usual online browsing.

I found a blog I just had to bookmark - the Carrie Leber PR Blog - and spent almost an hour straight reading through her archive. I swear - there's nothing better than visual treats! It can be nature, fashion, a beautiful home, a gorgeous man - it doesn't matter. Eye candy never gave me a cavity!

I had to share a post she wrote about Traditional Home's feature on Where Women Create, because I absolutely loved makeup maven Bobbi Brown's office.

Bobbi Brown Office 3

Now granted, right now I may not have my own business or a need for a space that resembles this. But DAMN! A girl sure can dream. One day, this will be my reality. And I enjoy eye candy like this because it serves as motivation and gives me great ideas. Love it!!!

Bobbi Brown Office 2

Bobbi Brown Office 1

She even has an outdoor space that resembles an Italian villa. I couldn't imagine a better place to sit and eat lunch or have a coffee break. Oh, my mental wheels are a-turning!