Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh Baby!

Oh yeah, I love a creative challenge! A good friend has asked me for ideas for an upcoming baby shower. Right away, two things came to mind: handmade and under-budget. For those who remember my venture into creating handmade greeting cards (I'm thinking a resurrection is in order!), I love the personal touch handmade goods have to offer.

So here's what I'm thinking...

Most baby showers I've been to are overly stuffy with baby goods and baby decorations. Yes, I am aware that it is a baby shower. But what about the mommy?!?! She's been carrying around an extra 20+ pounds - along with all the aches/pains/cravings that come with it - and it's time to have an event/celebration for her!

I came across these pics on Project Nursery and loved the sophistication that was incorporated into the baby shower:

What mom-to-be wouldn't appreciate a set-up like this?? You can set the color scheme to be whatever you want

Favors and treats in glass jars that are inexpensive at Ikea

Handmade signs that you could make yourself or find templates for online

Cupcakes!!! Yeah, I guess a sheet cake could do the trick, but you couldn't put handmade picks in a sheet cake. The scalloped punch and "B" and "Baby Shower" stamps are available at craft stores. What's even better is that you can bake your own cupcakes

Cake tiers are available at Target for a reasonable price - and you can always reuse them

Project Nursery also had this tutorial for making a paper garland that I thought could add a sweet touch to any event:

More handmade options can be found at Oh Baby Custom Shower Decor:

I like this favor box, which can be order online or purchased at craft stores

Cake pops - another alternative to a sheet cake, plus they also add to the decor

I wouldn't want to go overboard on the decorations, but I like these do-it-yourself tricks that you can personalize. This no-sew fabric banner may say Happy Birthday, but you can just as easily buy the fabric of your choice (maybe a nice way to add some baby motifs) and have it read Congratulations!

One of my favorites are these flower blossoms from Made that are created with napkins. Yes - napkins!!!

If that doesn't help, you can spend forever being inspired by Amy Atlas' esteemed portfolio. Here are a few pics from there:

My last reco is to have a few mini flower bouquets on the table. Flowers add to any table setting. Happy planning!!!

Photo: here