Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Want That Pink

The NBA Finals are on tonight, and my boyfriend swears that I'm breaking his concentration by using the computer instead of helping him cheer on the Lakers. So I'll make this quick...

Pink and I are good friends. No, not the singer (though I heart her). I'm talking about the color. Magenta and a sort-of "cotton candy" pink are my favorites. I have a magenta blazer that I scored at H&M for under $40 that I always get compliments on.

So imagine my surprise as I continued browsing through House Beautiful today and was immediately drawn to the pink on this wall:

Photo from House Beautiful
photo credit: Francesco Lagnese

I never thought this passionate shade of pink would look good painted on a wall. Maybe as an accessorizing color, but not the main color. It definitely works! The pops of grey in the chair and blue in the vase bring it all together. And can I please have that mirror?!!