Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sandal Love / Credobags

I came across these Alaia Leather Wedge Sandals and automatically thought, "I have to get these!!!"
Alaia Leather Wedge Sandal from Net-A-Porter

But the $2,090 pricetag quickly brought me back to reality. Sadly, I had to release the image I quickly planted in my mind of my freshly painted toes peeking out from these bad boys. The color, the stitching, the wedge heel... it's all perfection.

But as soon as I released that image, another one popped into my mind. Boutique 9 had a sale on Rue La La last week. I remember seeing these Jayleen sandals and getting just as excited.

Boutique 9 Jayleen 2 Sandal

Rue La La sold out, but Amazon has it in black and dark pink. A few sites, including Zappos, has it, so it's worth browsing for the best price. They are soooo much cheaper then the Alaia sandals, and in my opinion, they're just as hot.

I also came across a site called Credobags this weekend. They are an eco-conscious company that makes reusable bags - including the first line of reusable produce bags available in North America.

I try really hard to bring my own bags with me when I go to the grocery stores. And now we have the option to bring our own produce bags.

Photo from credobags website

This is already added to my To Buy list. I visit my local farmers market at least once a week, and these would be great. Not to mention the typography and colors are chic!

Visit their site to learn more and to shop.