Sunday, July 11, 2010

Devon's / Roy Love For Fall

It's Sunday. Ahhhhh... The day before getting back to the hustle and bustle of the work week. I love Sundays. Even though there's the anticipation of the busy work week ahead (as I experience working in an advertising agency), there's a strange sense of peace that always envelopes this day.

Today, I had the pleasure of sharing brunch with a good friend. We enjoyed the Grilled Chicken and Lump Crabcake sandwiches at Devon Seafood Grill in historic Rittenhouse Square. Their fries were cooked to perfection. And the bottle of wine we had - YUMMY!!!

As usual, we had girl talk - men, work, politics, and FASHION. We both admitted that although it was only July, we were both excited for the upcoming Fall season. There's something about the Fall... the colors, the change of seasons that's evident everywhere you look, the crisp autumn air, opaque tights...

When I got home from brunch, I loosened my pants and hit the Web. The talk of Fall fashion made me want to see what was ready to hit the stores in a mere few weeks. Thus far, I've avoided watching any of the Fall 2010 fashion shows. I can't take the anticipation! Plus, I enjoy the September issues of all my favorite fashion magazines. Needless to say, that all went down the drain this afternoon.

If you remember a few weeks ago, I featured a dress by Rachel Rachel Roy. There are a lot of designers that I like, but I adore Rachel Roy. Not only is she just BEAUTIFUL, but she's always classy and chic. Everyone looks good in her digs. So I made a visit to to check out her Fall 2010 collection. Here are my picks:

Gold + draping = goddess gear

My boyfriend once called me the Cardigan Queen. Yes, I love cardigans - they can be the ultimate chic cover up. But I've now grown to love a great blazer. Fit is everything, folks.

A great coat is key in the winter. Sometimes, that is all someone may see of your outfit - so make it count

I'm not sure if this is a sweater or a coat, but I'm loving it

I love the colors and the details of these two skirt suits. I wish I had someplace to wear a piece like one of these. As of right now, my lifestyle doesn't call for it, but one day...

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