Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tea for Two... or Three

I've been obsessing for awhile now about having a modern tea party with my gals. I've never been to a tea party, and quite frankly - those I see on TV look rather stiff and too conservative for my taste. I'm thinking more along the lines of free-flowing... colorful dresses, yummy finger foods (and cupcakes!), and champagne along with tea. I can see it now - laughter and silliness mixed with serious and insightful conversation.

I have no idea of the when or where, or even all the whats, but I know it's something I want to do. Therefore, I need to research. That's the fun part! What would this tea gathering look like? What kind of vibe do I want to establish? What's my color scheme??? So many things to consider. I like these pics that I saw in the most recent issue of Nonpareil Magazine (if you know anyone who is looking to have a funky, crafty wedding anytime soon, you must check this site!).

I love the delicate and antique look of the flowers, dessert trays, and the dishware. Definitely something for me to think about :-)