Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reasonable Replicas: The West Elm Edition

I made it to the weekend! Yes, I was a little overwhelmed with work towards the end of the week. But I had Friday off, and now I’m feeling rested and ready to enjoy my holiday weekend. I took some “me time” yesterday and did some healthy food shopping at Trader Joe’s, and even treated myself to yet another delicate top from J. Crew.

The Coralie cami in Mink - - looks good on me!

But I also took some time to think about the direction of my blog. Thus far it has been completely random thoughts on variations of stylish people, places, and things. And you know what? I think I like it that way! My life from 9 - 5 is very formulaic. So I will take pleasure in bringing you the randomness in my spare time. Whatever catches my eye, heart, and sometimes my wallet :-)

Along with the randomness, I will share with you my joy in finding beautiful things on sale. That’s right - you will get tidbits from my world of frugality (the J. Crew top above was on sale for $49.99 from $88 - with an additional 20% off!!!). I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love finding a bargain. And today will be my first feature of Reasonable Replicas!

So a few days ago, I featured a few items from West Elm that I hope will someday make their way into my living room. But if not, I wouldn’t be upset to see any of the following.

First up, the PATCH NYC Pillow Covers - West Elm has them at $34.

Automatically, I thought to browse through Etsy to see what I could find. And sure enough, I adore the pillows at Kain Kain’s shop. Like the PATCH NYC versions, these pillows feature elements of nature.

Cute Birdie - Embroidery Pillow Cover

Brown Linen with Leaves Branch Embroidery Pillow Cover

Borneo Tree Embroidery Pillow Cover in Fresh Green and Brown

The pillows featured here range from only $15 - 20, with many more at their shop.

So what's a room without a little dressing for the floor? West Elm’s Andalusia Rug appealed to me because of the chartreuse color and print.

But JC Penney’s Cindy Crawford Poppy Rug has a touch of the chartreuse as well, and I like that it has that nature theme that we see in the Kain Kain pillows. Not to mention that the price is way more reasonable - and it’s currently on sale (can’t beat that).

Love, love, love the natural colors and print

Finally, we have West Elm’s Gourd Table Lamp for $179.

Yes, I think they're quite simple yet fabulous (I like simplicity). But at a whopping $179, I can get the Reasonable Replicas version of the pillows, rug, and this Artesia Amber Glass Table Lamp:

It’s currently on clearance from $200 to $60. Come on!!! Can’t pass on that. And the amber... what more can I say?

So that's all for today. Hopefully your home looks as jazzy with similar pieces as you entertain this holiday weekend. And if not, no worries - I'll have you ready by Labor Day!